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October, 2008


From:    AEG - Writers Literary Services

Re:       Acquisition of The Literary Agency Group (TLAG) and 
             Strategic Publishing & Eloquent Books.

The American Enterprises Group, a private company, announces the acquisition of The Literary Agency
Group and Strategic Publishing & Eloquent Books.

This announcement should answer the typical questions about the acquisition. I also am happy to answer any further questions you may have.  I hope that in this spirit of cooperation we can all help more writers meet their goals.

Q) Why are you buying The Literary Agency Group?

A) In short, their asset base. They may have the largest database of profiled and edited writers in the world.
The assets (writers) that are in their database are tremendous. We know as we've edited most of their authors.
It is a natural for us to want to vertically integrate by acquiring them. Publishers want work that is clearly edited
and professionally presented. We think it is a natural fit.

Q) Why are you acquiring Strategic & Eloquent Books?

A) Their publishing processes are efficient and their marketing department is really on the ball.  In their first 6
months of operations they have published over 100 authors and sold over 10,000 books. We think that is an
amazing growth pattern.

Q) Tell me more about AEG - Writers Literary.

A) We think we are the second largest editing company in the world, second only to Scribendi, and we may have
them beat. We now employ about 50 editors, both full and part time. We help writers of all genres and through the
years we have built some very solid contacts within the industry. We're here to stay, and that's a good thing for writers.

Q) Isn't that a conflict of interest? For an editing company to own an agency? Do the agency clients have
to pay if published by the publishing company?

A) Vertical integration has come to the entire writing/publishing/moviemaking industry. We will be specializing in the development of emerging authors and we will be utilizing contemporary marketing strategies to reach publishers and consumers. We believe that the vast majority of writers deserve an opportunity to develop their skills and present their work in an open and competitive marketplace. Like the traditional press, the traditional literary agent and mass-market publisher model is antiquated. Writers Literary will lead its writers into the new century. And no, if the author is a client of TLAG, they will not have to pay an agency commission if published by one of our in-house publishers.

Q) What about the people at TLAG? Are you keeping them?

A) Some we are, and some we aren't. It's the same as any acquisition. We hope that we will add resources and depth to what they have already accomplished.

Q) Are you going to change things?

A) Some things yes, and some things no. Marketing and development services will be operating under the Strategic &  Writers Literary name. We plan to be more stringent on evaluations. We plan to continue requiring
that all works we
represent have been edited. Many authors will already have worked with an editor so it's an easy request in our opinion. We plan to expand both the sales and production departments in the company.

Q) Is what is being said about TLAG on the writers' blogs true? 

A) Here are some negative blogs about Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins. Frankly, we ignore these kinds of writeups and we suggest that you do as well.
1. Random House- James Frey settles a million little complaints against publisher Random House
    From NY Times -The Successor at Random House Rebuilds as Writers Look Afield
2. Harper Collins - Does Harper Collins Know What You're Downloading?
3. Simon & Schuster is now on the Writers Beware Blogs radar!

Q) If a writer wishes to apply to your publishers what should they do?

A) Please visit and fill out the submission form there.

For More Information Please Contact:

Miranda Spigener, Director of PR
888-808-6190 Corporate Office