Tribal Fusion and Social Evolution

By Sushant Kumar

The present book comprises of five essays on Vedic history. An attempt has been done to analyze the demographic situation accordingly the Aryan migration model. This contains studies on tribal structures, culture, demographic settlements, collapse of the Indus political-economic system followed by the formative phase of the Rigvedic period and the subsequent demographic expansion in Ganga valley. Transition to settlements has been discussed with reference to the archaeological sources discovered hitherto including Ochre Color Pottery (O.C.P.), Black-and-red Ware (B.R.W.), Painted Grey Ware (P.G.W.) and Northern Black Polished Ware (N.B.P.W.). Continuity of the Rigvedic tribes in the P.G.W. period has been discussed including some historical aspects of the Mahabharata. Fusions of the Rigvedic tribes to form bigger tribal identities and effects of territorial settlements on the lineage identity have been discussed.

About the Author

Sushant Kumar has already published two books on Ancient Indian history viz. “Evolution of Tribes, Society and Early Philosophy (in Indian subcontinent)”(2004), and “The Rigvedic Cosmology: Some Interpretations”(2006). He is a lifemember of Indian History Congress and has presented papers in sessions of Indian History Congress and Bihar History Congress.

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