Time for Patriots
By Thomas Wm. Hamilton

“Time for Patriots is a delightful adventure with marvelously crafted characters so realistic I could swear I knew them.”

Guillermo Alfonso Calvo Mahť, Professor of English and Political Science, International Relations Directorate, Universidad AutÚnoma de Manizales.

“Time for Patriots is a fascinating look into a world changed by knowledge from the future.”

Christopher Nuttall, Producer and Managing
Editor of Changing the Times, the online Alternate History magazine. (www.changingthetimes.net)

Time for Patriots is a splendid first novel by an author -- already a serious scientist -- who has the potential to be a most formidable sci-fi author. It is a highly imaginative story which reveals both a grasp of science and of history."

Bernard J. Sussman, lawyer & librarian

"Thomas Wm. Hamilton has supplied us with a good trip in time and a riveting read.  His excellent command of American History as we know it has enabled him to rewrite it convincingly.

A military academy is thrust through time by a science fair project gone awry.  With no way to return, the 21st century people decide to enlist in the revolutionary war.  Their agenda is to shorten the struggle and help the new nation avoid some of the major pitfalls it would later encounter.  While very much aware of the "butterfly effect" they feel they can control the kinds of changes transmitted into the future and that it is worth the risk.  They create a whole new time line and a whole new world.  Is it a better one?  I recommend you read the book and decide for yourself."

Amazon Review By G. Joy Robins (Staten Island,, NY USA)



Hard Cover - 6 x 9 - 203 pages - $25.00

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-224-7
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