The Woodcarver 
By Kevin Stoos

The Woodcarver is a collection of feature and cover articles written for national and international publications over the past two decades on matters of faith. These true stories illustrate how the Holy Spirit, acting through people and serendipitous events, changes lives in a powerful way.

The collection takes its title from The Woodcarver-a true story of a chance encounter with a German woodcarver-an ex-Nazi who had been a prisoner of war in the American South. During his captivity, the whites treated him badly, but the blacks were kind to him. He developed a love for black people that contradicted the stereotypical attitude of the Nazis. The Woodcarver taught the author a valuable lesson about stereotypes and how the Woodcarver’s love of the faith found expression in a piece of oak. 

The Woodcarver gives voice to our common experiences and sincerest hopes, and reveals the existence of God and His workings in our lives. William Kevin Stoos has masterfully captured our deepest longing for goodness, brotherhood, and truth.” –Father Brad Pelzel, Director of Religious Vocations, Diocese of Sioux City. 

“Through the ages, many have searched for inspiration to give meaning to their lives. William Kevin Stoos provides that inspiration in a treasure of a book with stories of faith for thirsting souls. The Woodcarver will be carried in your heart long after the stories have been read.”
–Judi McLeod, Award-winning journalist and founder of Canada Free Press.

About the Author

William Kevin Stoos lives in Wynstone, SD, and practices law in Sioux City, IA. After his experience with the Woodcarver, he became a writer and columnist, devoted to writing on matters of faith, in order to support the church and give thanks to God. For the past two decades, he has written many stories for numerous Catholic and other magazines, and has donated his royalties and publication fees to various hospices, missions, and other charities.





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