The Wall Street Dancers

By Trent Tucker

You rogues, you rascals, you elect our officials, you finance our wars. You finance our peace and you will finance either side. Wall Street has come to Main Street and everyone from Churchill to Ghandi has an opinion on why. But no one really knows. Groucho Marx did and he profited from our laughter. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin didn’t and he led a nation into darkness. The financiers can turn a profit on our lives and at the same time make our lives profitable. They can make us laugh or turn out the lights. What did Groucho figure out that Lenin never did? On Wall Street there are rogues and rascals, but to know the answer, you have to be a Wall Street Dancer.

About the Author

After graduating college with a business degree the author worked six years in the West African oilfields with SEDCO Inc. then based out of Dallas, TX. Most of those years in West Africa were spent shipping supplies through the civil wars of Angola with brief stints in Gabon and Nigeria. As a financial consultant, the author worked with the two largest financial brokerage houses before moving to a regional firm and then worked as an independent financial consultant the latter part of those sixteen years. The author moved to Florida in 2005 and now lives in Orlando.


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 ISBN: 978-1-60693-310-7

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