The Child Convict
By George W. Foote

G.W. Foote’s The Child Convict is a fictional novel based on fact that depicts the horrors of child abuse and how the “sins of the father” follow a man for a lifetime. 

In 1950 people didn’t talk about child abuse.   

A blond-haired blue-eyed little boy was one of those victims during that era.  The boy learned very quickly how to hide, fight, and desensitize his emotions from an abuse so severe that it left him wondering why he was born. 

From the age of four, this boy suffered unimaginable mental and physical abuse and protected his abusers from the outside world by never revealing what was going on behind closed doors.  His formative years were a living hell. 

Feeling unloved and unwanted, the boy grows into a man who travels all over the country searching for an answer to a question that would never be revealed—why did the people that were supposed to love him want to hurt him? Filled with a rage that brings him back full circle to his abusers, he ultimately finds his path toward redemption and light at the end of what seemed to be a never-ending tunnel. 

Foote’s moving story is based on facts from his childhood.  His candid honesty is haunting and heartbreaking, but serves a purpose to those who may be suffering from their own inner demons and tortured pasts.  This raw and emotional narration gives the reader a close-up view of what really happens to the victims of child abuse and illustrates, with poignant declaration, how some scars never quite heal.

About the Author 

G.W. Foote is a writer and works in an administrative department of a major hospital. Mr. Foote is currently writing a murder/suspense novel and lives with his wife, Steffanie, in Lexington, NC.                   




Hard Cover - 6x9 - 144 pages - $22.75

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-857-7

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