Science Fiction And Alternate History
By David Scholes

Alien invasions, alternate realities, the Battle of Britain and a futuristic Los Angeles are just some of the subjects Scholes’ wicked imagination has tackled, with spellbinding twists. 

In “The Day Nobody Died,” Scholes poses the question -- what if no one ever died for one day? What would our world and culture be like if overpopulation were taken to the nth degree? 

“Grey Power” is a chilling tale of senior adults having a disquieting power in Los Angeles.  

Unless you’re very wealthy or very old, life is dreadfully unpleasant in “Life Wasn’t Meant to Be Easy.” 

In “The Battle for London, the troubled youth of today are innocent and benevolent babes compared to Scholes’ characters -- feral youth challenging authority in a decaying futuristic city. 

Scholes expertly weaves tales of suspense, terror and unexplored “what if’s.”  His characters come vividly to life and you’ll wonder if the alternate world you’re in while reading may be lurking at the fringes of reality.  Travel from the Mediterranean to black holes across the Universe -- this one is an impossible to put down read.

About the Author

David Scholes is a writer and works as an economic consultant for various governmental departments.  Mr. Scholes has written three books and is currently writing his fourth.  He has a daughter and lives with his wife, Joy and their dog, Molly in Canberra, Australia.

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Soft Cover - 6x9 - 80 pages - $9.95

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-8-850

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