Publish or Perish
By Margot Kinberg
Local Author’s Thrilling Murder Mystery is Sure to Keep You on Your Toes Trying to Guess What’s Going to Be Discovered Next!

When a university graduate student turns up dead, the events surrounding his death bring about a suspicion that he may have actually been murdered.

Nick Merrill, a graduate student at Tilton University, is working on his Ph.D. thesis, a study of some exciting new educational software he’s designed. Everything with school is going great, but his personal life is complicated. He’s having an affair with a faculty member and he’s dating another woman. His life gets even more stressful when the two women find out about each other. In the meantime, his thesis advisor has claimed authorship of the software Nick designed!

Could life get any worse for Nick? Yes.

One night, Nick is killed. When Joel Williams, former police officer, finds out about his death, he becomes curious about the circumstances and decides to find out who killed the student and why.

With Williams’ help, the Tilton police discover evidence that links Nick’s death and the death of another person and subsequently, to the murderer.

About the Author

Margot Kinberg was born and raised in Pennsylvania, where she graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and later received her Master’s degree from LaSalle University. After teaching at the University of Delaware for several years and earning her Ph.D. there, Kinberg moved west. She taught at Knox College in Galesburg, IL and is currently an associate professor at National University in Carlsbad, California. Kinberg currently resides in southern California with her husband, daughter and two dogs.



Hard Cover - 6x9 - 224 pages - $25.50

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-747-1

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