Patty Pom-Poms
By Alise Cayen

Alise Cayen writes an inspiring children’s story about a young girl who works hard to realize a dream in Patty Pom-Poms.  

Patty Klapinsky would give anything to be a sports star like her brothers -- to belong to something -- but she can’t seem to find her niche. 

Encouraged by her brother, Patty goes to one of his football games and is mesmerized by the cheerleaders.  The very next day, Patty gets to work, making her own pom-poms and practicing every day in order to be the best she can be! 

The big day for cheerleader tryouts finally arrives and Patty knows that she has what it takes to be a great cheerleader.  Does Patty make the team?  What lessons does she learn along the way?             

Cayen’s inspiring story is engaging and sends a message about persistence and hard work toward realizing dreams and accomplishing goals.  Drawn from her own personal experience as a  professional cheerleader and dancer, her narrative brings her characters to life with vivid description and rhythmic dialogue; her children’s tale is an outstanding work of fiction with a wonderful message.           

About the Author 

Alise Cayen was a professional cheerleader for the Los Angeles and Oakland Raiders for seven years.  She has an extensive dance background and has worked as a high school cheerleading and dance coach.  Ms. Cayen is a television producer, scriptwriter, poet, high school dance and English instructor and coordinates a police academy magnet school, preparing high school students for law enforcement careers.  Ms. Cayen is writing the second volume of Patty Pom-Poms in her Cheerventures series and has just completed a children’s book about police officers.  She resides in Los Angeles.




Soft Cover - 8.5x8.5 - 36 pages - $16.50

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-685-6

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