Men of Gain
By Hunter McClelland

Hunter McClelland’s Men of Gain is the story of a man, Evan Tipton II, who is fabulously wealthy and has everything a man could ever want -- a beautiful wife, two sons, a stellar career and a prestigious address. 

Evan gambles with the big boys on Wall Street.  As a Hedge Fund Manager living in Boston, he watches millions come and go as the stock market fluctuates. Everyone knows how the game is played and everyone in the financial arena reaps the benefits. 

But not always.  When Wall Street suffers the biggest financial crisis in history, Evan finds himself in the middle of the largest securities scandal of his career.  As he watches friends and associates lose millions, his own life begins to unravel.  Investigations are made and Evan begins to fully understand the consequences of his own fiscal decisions.   

As Evan faces losing everything he holds dear -- career, family and all the trappings that became so intertwined with who he believed himself to be -- he must face uneasy truths about himself.   

Is he guilty of unethical practices or simply na´ve as to what was going on around him?  Will his American Dream become a nightmare and what will he do to survive? 

McClelland gives the reader a fascinating glimpse into the world of big business and the movers and shakers who caused the largest financial crisis of the century. With brilliant narration and astonishing perception, her book depicts an objective and compassionate look at a man caught up in financial and personal devastation.

About the Author

Hunter McClelland is a writer and OR Nurse at Johns Hopkins. She has a PhD in Physiology and a BSN from Johns Hopkins University and a BS in Psychology from the University of California. Dr. McClelland is currently writing her second novel and lives with her husband and three children in Baltimore, Maryland.




Soft Cover - 6x9 - 116 pages - $12.95

 ISBN: 978-1-60860-068-7

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