Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist
By Peter Martel

Coming from humble origins, the protagonist in these memoirs was completely innocent of the fact that like all human endeavors, physics is often strongly influenced by politics. In reading the biographies of famous physicists like Einstein, one often ends up with the feeling that physicists are above petty politics. However, even great physicists get caught up in the politics that often exists in their own laboratories.

There is often a certain amount of tribulation associated with obtaining advanced degrees in physics and I was not without my own tribulations. I attempt to explain the various steps involved in obtaining a Ph.D. in physics in various countries around the English-speaking world.

Early on in my career I was advised to find one area in physics and stick with it. Many physicists earn renown by finding a solitary avenue of research that is of interest to them. However, true to form, I sampled a large spectrum of physics ranging all the way from Geophysics, to Low Temperature Physics, to Solid State Physics and Biophysics. Along the way I have also sampled aspects of Nuclear Physics and Reactor Physics.

Put in simple terms I have been a jack of all trades and master of none. This, I believe, is partly due to the fact that I truly love all physics. The results of science and, in particular physics, are all around us to see and use. Many people seem to be interested in learning a bit of physics as well as a bit about physicists. In a way, this little volume is unique because it is a mixture of concepts in physics, and the vagaries of everyday life that affect us all, whether we are physicists or not.

About the Author

On a small island off the coast of Cape Breton, a young man of French Acadian origins, a high school dropout, set out to find his place in the world. After graduating with a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, he ended up at Chalk River Laboratories doing research in pure physics.

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