Fat Boxing: A Guide to Weight Loss
By Elizabeth Signer

Author Elizabeth Signer has shed over 130 pounds, but she didn’t lose her sense of humor doing it. Signer shares her experiences in Fat Boxing, A Guide to Weight Loss.                           

In the first of her self-help books on losing weight, Signer takes readers on a humorous journey from the beginning of her weight-loss efforts through to her successful results and continuing battle. In the process, she has created the sport of Fat Boxing. Signer uses the term to describe her battles with losing weight and the psychological struggles that accompany the process. She also describes the special effort needed to lose those final pounds. 

In this witty diary, the author sheds a light-hearted look on what can be a difficult and emotional experience. In losing weight, you redefine yourself and must come to terms with the new you. Why not laugh while doing it?


About the Author

A top contender in the battle of weight loss, 48-year-old Elizabeth Signer is winning her fight against extra pounds by Fat Boxing. She lives in Orlando, Florida, and writes a weekly column on weight loss for the e-zine Examiner.com. She is currently working on the next two books in her series, which follow up with the ongoing dieting process, as well as an alternative cookbook. Why does Signer write?  “Because I am a lousy painter.”




Soft Cover - 5.5x8.5 - 40 pages - $12.00

 ISBN: 978-1-60860-143-1

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