Eliminating Self-defeating Behaviors In Children & The Child-At-Heart
By Linda Suda

Do you bite your nails? Procrastinate? Gossip? Lie? Need anger management? Don’t stick to your diet? If your answer is yes and you want to stop, you need to read this book. 

Self-defeating behavior does not just affect children. People of any age will benefit from reading Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors in Children & the Child-at-Heart. You can conquer this type of behavior that keeps you from being your best self, and you can forever change your life for the better. Once you learn the easy techniques of self-mastery, use them to conquer all self-defeating behaviors. 

Originally developed for elementary school children, the recommendations in this self-help book have been used by teens, young adults, the middle-aged and great-grandparents. Children learn while having fun, so why shouldn’t adults? You can use this program individually, with the family, in the classroom, in social groups or at work, so everyone can reach their true potential.

About the Author

Linda Dianne Suda is a Licensed Professional Counselor who lives with her daughter in Utah. She has been an elementary school counselor in high-risk schools, a mental health therapist and has worked at a locked in-patient hospital, in child welfare, in chemical dependency/prevention programs, and currently works for a major insurance company assisting high-risk patients. Suda earned BS and M.Ed degrees from Brigham Young University.





Soft Cover - 6x9 - 64 pages - $9.95

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-974-1

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