Dick Cheney’s Diary
By Stuart Kreisman

Have you ever wondered what lurks inside the minds of our country’s leaders? In Stuart Kreisman’s DICK CHENEY’S DIARY one of the United States most controversial and notorious Vice Presidents in history reveals his innermost thoughts. A secretive and secluded politician is only as good as his word and when Kreisman discovered this top secret diary among a stack of eight track tapes at Scooter Libby’s recent garage sale, he decided to share his find with the public. At least that’s what Kreisman will have you believe in this political satire.

About the Author

An Emmy Award winning television writer, National Lampoon contributing editor and “comedic savant,” Kreisman began writing the diary for an Internet site based on the notion that Cheney would keep an unofficial “Official” record of his tenure as Vice President. In a short time the column took off and became one of the most popular features in cyberspace. Now, compiled and expounded upon, this book will have you rolling with laughter. Be careful though, Cheney is a crack shot…

Hard Cover - 5.5x8.5 - 128 pages - $16.95

 ISBN:  978-1-60693-355-8
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Soft Cover - 5.5x8.5 - 129 pages - $9.99

ISBN: 978-1-60693-921-5
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