Dark Justice: An Alix Mendez Mystery

By Nicole Bentley & Deborah Britt-Hay

Convinced she is at fault for the abuse she suffers at the hand of her husband, and divorce not being an option, Meagan Rathburn decides on a fool proof plan to murder first her own, and then her friends’ wife-beating husbands. Thus begins her spiral into madness and revenge.

Alix Mendez, the flamboyant Hispanic chief of detectives of Red Pine, a small community in the Pacific Northwest, is summoned to the home of Dr. Meagan Rathburn after Meagan’s husband, Steven, is found murdered in the couple’s home. Alix, sensing that something is amiss, is convinced of Meagan’s guilt, although she has neither proof nor motive – Steven Rathburn is a well-respected professor and a prominent member of the community who has hidden from everyone his ugly secret – he is a wife beater. After two other abusive husbands are murdered, Alix slowly begins to realize that they are connected and that Meagan is the killer and sets out in earnest to prove it.

This is the story of two women, one relentlessly pursuing the truth and the other spurred by her personal demons and her burning need to avenge other abused women. After a twist of fate leaves Meagan with only a short time to live, she elicits her final dark revenge from one last abuser as she slowly slips into madness while Alix learns compassion and understanding as she peers into the mind of a killer and realizes that things are not always black and white.


About the Author


Authors Nicole Bentley and Deborah Britt-Hay are a mother-daughter team. They share a love of writing and have drawn from their rich multicultural heritage, individual interests, and idiosyncrasies to create Detective Alix Mendez. Nicole is the CEO and editor-in-chief of A-1 Editing Service, LLC. Deborah breeds and trains Arabian, Hackney and Warmblood horses and is an actor, playwright, senior editor of A-1, as well as the author of Jack Russell Terriers for Dummies, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jack Russell Terriers, and Horse Training Basics. The authors have written two other novels together, Dark Revenge and Dark Mission, and are at work on yet another Alix Mendez mystery.



Hard Cover - 6x9 - 268 pages - $27.50

 ISBN: 978-1-60693-406-7

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