Brand Spankin' New Limericks
By Venier & Church

There once were two guys from the east, who wrote this book for your eyes to feast.
Limericks naughty and not nice,
But enough to suffice
to make you blush, to say the least.

A great book for the coffee table, the bathroom or any other location in your house that needs brightening up! This is also a great novelty gift for people you know who like to laugh out loud! Or, make your next party pop by reciting some of these Brand Spankin' New Limericks! You'll be glad you did... and so will your guests.

About the Authors:

Paul Venier has been an entertainer for nearly 40 years starting at the age of nine. As a musician Paul has traveled throughout the US and Canada as part of a band until 1980 when he chose to become a solo musical act. That was when comedy took over and Paul has been billed as musical comedian ever since. He has been labeled in comedy circles “The One Man Comedy Tornado” reflecting his high-energy whirlwind shows. His website is appropriately named, www.comedytornado.com

Robert Church is a builder and remodeler extraordinaire. He has been building and remodeling homes since he was a kid and his talents are unmatched. As a kid, Robert wrote limericks but lost touch with the art form as his building career consumed his time. Then Robert was contracted to remodel Paul’s home and each of them discovered and bonded over the other’s warped sense of humor. A round of dueling limericks was the genesis for this book.


Soft cover Trade Book 6  x 9 - $11.50
100 Pages

ISBN: 978-1-934925-26-3
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